Take Your Business to the Next Level

Expand your well-honed business model and take your business to the next level with Helix. Leverage a unified interface to organize your information efficiently; tweak your existing customer data to capture new opportunities, and communicate with your entire business using real-time chat and comments. Helix is here to be the stepping stone to your next great success, let’s make it happen.

Customer Management

Manage your customers the way you like to with customizable templates and pipeline stages. Easily move a customer through your sales pipeline and collect the correct data at exactly the right moment.

An interface where you can manage all of the people in your small business.
An calendar interface where you can manage all of your events.


Keep everyone in the loop with calendar invitations, events, and more using Helix’s calendar tools.

Comments & Chat

Comments keep you up-to-date with your latest customer activity, while real-time chat ensures that you and your team are communicating in sync.

An interface where you can add real-time comments.

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