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Between developing your product, landing customers, and courting investors, you don’t have a lot of time to worry about the software powering your startup. So don’t worry. Use Helix to quickly adapt to market trends with customizable templates; communicate with your team about pending leads with real-time chat and comments, and leverage a unified platform to organize your operations efficiently. Your vision is the limit, and Helix will help you get there.

Fully Customizable

The software you use shouldn’t define your business, you should. Use Helix to create custom templates and workflows that suit your needs.

An interface where you can create custom templates and workflows that suit your startup.
An interface where you can manage all of the people in your startup.

Integrated Features

Helix seamlessly unifies people, communications, and calendaring so you can leave that hassle behind and focus on growing your startup.


Stay in the loop with real-time chat and comments. Reference existing data and people to keep your team on track and moving toward your vision. Connect from any device in any location.

An interface where you can add real-time comments.

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