Employee Management

Manage your employees by keeping in touch and staying up to date. Team communications allows everyone to stay in sync, while Helix’s activity tracker helps keep an eye on what everyone is working on.

Activity Tracking

Always know what everyone is up to with Helix’s activity tracker. You can see what they’ve been working on and who they’ve been talking to. Since each activity is time stamped, you’ll know the time and date they were working on the Swanson account.

See your latest activity in your dashboard.
A calendar interface where you can manage all of your employees' events.


Always know when and where your employees are supposed to be. Check employee calendars to see upcoming events, meetings, or vacations. If you don’t want everyone seeing your calendars, don’t fret. You’ve got the power to manage your own privacy settings.


Stay in touch with your employees whether they’re across the country or right next to you. Helix’s chat function allows everyone to stay connected and on track.

A chat interface where you can communicate with your team in real-time.

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